Resources for maps, solar, and other fun stuff…

If you would like to get some great maps, an off-grid solar system, some good books, or any of the items I have included here, then please click on the images and buy them directly through this website and I will receive a small commission, thanks! It helps keep me on the road, researching routes and campgrounds. I appreciate the support.

In no particular order, here goes:

In OREGON, I recommend this Benchmark map for great detail about road conditions, campgrounds and random information. Well worth it. I’m amazed out how many campsites there are, and many for under $10. I can’t wait.

Oregon Benchmark Road & Recreation Atlas

For my novel LIVING THE DREAM, set in New Mexico with Jenny taking a roadtrip with her Husky.

For NEW MEXICO maps, this one will show you roads that no other maps mention. I found that out for myself last year when I wanted to drive from Madrid NM through Socorro and towards Quemado on single lane or dirt roads. One stretch of 50 miles took us two and a half hours, that’s a good day in my book.

I recently just invested in some solar power for the travels ahead. With the help of a friend, I picked the following items, a cord for the Macbook Pro, 40 watt solar flexible panels and a battery pack. I’ll review them later on but Rob swears they are incredible so here goes.

I started with the power pack, 23 amp hours worth of power is stored in this tiny battery pack that will be charged with either the panels when we’re camped, or directly from the 12v car cigarette-lighter when we’re driving.

The panels: They cost around $150 and will power my laptop, camera, and phone fairly easily.

and the adapter for the mac was only another $10 or so. I’m ready to go.



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