Little Stevie

Yes, there is a cat involved. When I named him Little Stevie as a three-week old, I had no idea that he’d grow up to be Cat Stephen, the traveling feline friend.

Last summer was his debut. The house-sitter backed out a week before the planned departure. What the hell was I to do? I couldn’t ask friends to take care of him for three months, and nor could I pay for a kennel for this bugger. So, I modified the van slightly with screens, litter-box under the bed, and food high on a shelf. Then we set off. Three months, two dogs and one cat.

Since then, I’ve created a film of his adventures on youtube.

Van Life: Exploring the Northwest is a book-length travelogue of our trip, a mix of The Tao of Pooh, Bill Bryson, and Blue Highways.

This famous little guy also has a calendar made up of most of the photos from the video.

This page is dedicated to that fierce little cat who loves to camp. May we travel together for years to come, Stevie. I’m proud of you, fella.