Meet the team!

Are you an armchair traveler? Or do you like to get out with the pups and discover new campgrounds and forest roads to explore? In either case, I think you’ll get something out of this website we’ve had going for the last year. People ask me about places to camp, different lakes to discover, which roads can they drive in their trucks and so I put together my experiences here. It’s an ongoing project, updated regularly as we never stop exploring the world around us. Join the conversation, follow the website for updates, use the search button to look for areas in case I’ve written about them, or just email me with your questions. Thanks. 

DSC00692Harold The Handsome has lived with me since he was a pup, only eight weeks old and in the local shelter. A border collie mix they said, not too big. Well, he’s more of a shy sweet Akita Collie mix! He lives in the truck, or he would if I let him. He just loves that front seat and will happily hang out there all day long, only occasionally jumping out for a drink of water and a treat. Big ole silly boy that loves to travel and camp out. He used to come work with me all the time, hence the truck fetish. He’d hang out in the Toyota while I landscaped, then he’d sleep in the shade on my lunch breaks. Now, at eight years old, he likes to run, sleep, and beg.

DSC03230Rosie is a four year old Lab/ pibble/ akita mix, we think. The vets all come up with their favourites but she’s got a curly tail, retreiver nature, and a pibble smile, so who knows? Another shelter pup she is, and she used to drive me crazy when she first came to us at three months old, so bloody hyper and into mischief all day long. Now Rosie makes me laugh out loud, loves her toys and sitting on Harold if she wants the front seat too.

DSC02900Oliver is a three year old teacup Dane, well, he looks like a Great Dane but is only 50#s of muscle and long legs. I rescued him from a shitty neighbor, him and his brothers and found homes for all of them. Ollie lived with us until just the last month so you’ll see his photos everywhere, I miss the boy. Rosie and Ollie were the best of friends.

As to me? For the last twenty years I have lived in New Mexico and as much as possible I have explored the Southwest, pouring over maps, driving down dirt roads, camping with my dogs, and then writing and photographing my experiences for others to enjoy and be inspired by.

If you turn to my author’s blog, like the FB group, or follow our travels on Instagram, then please become a sponsor  as if you were paying for Netflix, cable, or simply a good book. You will receive regular updates, routes, trip reports, and even personal email consultation as you wish. Please, help me bring these stories, photographs, and inspiration to a wider audience so they too take the dogs on their next adventure. Thanks so much.

The Bio: Sarah Leamy was the boring little sister who suddenly left her English life and became the broke nomadic wanderer and writer. She finally settled in New Mexico in her late twenties although she’s still taking extended road trips when she can. As the socially awkward and insecure Brit abroad, she lived first in Europe and then crossed the States and into Guatemala, performing, writing and working odd jobs as she explored new countries alone or with Daisy, her slightly grumpy Border Collie. Since then her stories, poems, essays and articles have been published in numerous online magazines, in newspapers, anthologies, and also in London, Madison, San Francisco and New Mexico. Her second novel won Best Fiction in the 2012 New Mexico/ Arizona Book Awards, and was a finalist with her third, Lucky Find. In 2016 When No One’s Looking won another award at the NM/AZ Book Awards. These days she’s become more known as the odd Englishwoman with the dogs who lives in the mountains near Santa Fe, suddenly appearing with another book in hand and then drives off in a camper van with the pets looking out the back window.

You can find her photography and calendars on There are a variety of choices as a reflection of her many passions. Check out these links to see.

NM Land Rovers 2017

New Mexico Skies 2017

Little Stevie’s Big Adventures 2017

The Mountains of Madrid, NM 2017

BRING A CHAINSAW (and other stories from my solo travels) is one of her six books and all are available on Kindle and in print.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to clean up after a hurricane in Florida? Where those dirt roads in Colorado will take you? How to build an adobe and strawbale home by hand? What to expect riding your motorcycle across the States with stilts strapped on the seat? How to keep your mouth shut when living at a Buddhist monastery in England? Or what to wear for your first day at Clown School? Well, wonder no more and buy my book right now!

Sarah’s Author page on Facebook

Sarah’s Author website with her novels and travel books


8 thoughts on “Meet the team!

  1. Hey Sarah,
    What a great project! Thanks for letting me know about this. I love the backroads of NM, but instead of dogs, I have two boys. I think they’re just as fun.
    Be in touch anytime!


    1. Hi Steve, Thanks for the heads up about the link. I just got it sorted, it now goes to another blog, although I rarely use that one so I might just cut it out. Keep in touch though, S


  2. Hi Sleam: We’re wanting to go camping someplace warmer next week. We want to go south of Santa Fe but not drive more than 3-4hrs. Any ideas on where we can go camping with our two big doggies? Thanks!


    1. Yep! Thanks for being one of the sponsors by the way…and yes, there are a few directions you could go. Off Hwy 60 heading west, you’ll find quite a few free NF campgrounds near Quemado and in the Gila. Or head south to Ruidoso and in the mountains there are a handful of options for quiet lightly used campsites near meadows and creeks. Let me know where you end up!


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